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The St. Joseph County Literacy Council is active in our communities, participating in events and programs to spread the word about our availability to help adults learn to read. You can see the highlights of our efforts in the following articles.

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Lions Learn about Literacy Council


Executive Director Becky Lilly visits the Sturgis Lion's Club.

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Literacy Council Seeks Prospective Tutors at the National Night Out in Centreville.

National Night Out

"Imagine the deflating feeling you'd get if you were an able-bodied person willing to work just about any type of job, but your limited reading skills prevent you from even filling out or reading important paperwork," Lilly said.

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The Council Enjoys a Tutor Appreciation Picnic


The St. Joseph County Literacy Council wants not only to help people who don't read at all but also people who want to learn to read better - to help their children with homework, to get a job or a better job, to become functionally literate.

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Centreville Lions Club Supports the Literacy Council


The Centreville Lions Club makes a donation to support the Literacy Council.

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We're Trying to Remove the Stigma


Fifteen to 22 percent of people in St. Joseph County cannot read, according to county Literacy Council executive director Becky Lilly.

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Council Working on Literacy


The Council continues to work on improving literacy.

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Volunteers Sought


Literacy volunterrs are being sought by the St. Joseph County Literacy Council.

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Indiana Michigan Power gives a Grant to the Literacy Council!


The Indiana Michigan Power Company gives a grant to the St. Joseph County Literacy Council!

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Walmart gives a Grant to the St. Joseph County Literacy Council!


The Walmart Foundation has issued a grant to the St. Joseph County Literacy Council.  

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The Literacy Council works from Barrows School


The Literacy Council works out of Barrows School in Three Rivers.

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