St. Joseph County Literacy Council Meets with Bethany Group


Executive Director Becky Lilly meets with the Bethany Group at the First United Methodist Church in Three Rivers.

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St. Joseph County Literacy Council helps sponsor an Adult Literacy Seminar


The St. Joseph County Literacy Council joins in sponsoring an adult literacy seminar.

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Lions Learn about Literacy Council


Executive Director Becky Lilly visits the Sturgis Lion's Club.

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Literacy Council Seeks Prospective Tutors at the National Night Out in Centreville.

National Night Out

"Imagine the deflating feeling you'd get if you were an able-bodied person willing to work just about any type of job, but your limited reading skills prevent you from even filling out or reading important paperwork," Lilly said.

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The Council Enjoys a Tutor Appreciation Picnic


The St. Joseph County Literacy Council wants not only to help people who don't read at all but also people who want to learn to read better - to help their children with homework, to get a job or a better job, to become functionally literate.

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We're Trying to Remove the Stigma


Fifteen to 22 percent of people in St. Joseph County cannot read, according to county Literacy Council executive director Becky Lilly.

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Council Working on Literacy


The Council continues to work on improving literacy.

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Literacy Council Fights Illiteracy


The Literacy Council fights illiteracy in our county.

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