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The St. Joseph County Literacy Council is active in our communities, participating in events and programs to spread the word about our availability to help adults learn to read. You can see the highlights of our efforts in the following articles.

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The St. Joseph County Literacy Council Files Articles of Incorporation


The St. Joseph County LIteracy Council files the Articles of Incorporaton with the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industrial Services / Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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Literacy Council Brings a Storyteller to Three Rivers


The Literacy Council is bringing a storyteller to Three Rivers.  The public will hear tales written by Hans Christian Anderson.  The event is open to the public for free.

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Literacy Council Participates in the Annual Water Festival Parade


The annual Water Festival Parade was held today.

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Water Festival Parade 2004


The annual Water Festival Parade took place today and, again, the Literacy Council was there.

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Literacy Council Fights Illiteracy


The Literacy Council fights illiteracy in our county.

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Literacy Council Participates in the Water Festival Parade


Literacy Council particpated in the Three Rivers Water Festival Parade today.

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Training Tutors in Three Rivers


The Literacy Council has a tutor training session.

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The Literacy Council is Granted Tax Exempt Status


The IRS awards tax exempt status to the Ltieracy Council

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